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CHoiCe Values:








CHoiCe Trust

CHoiCe Trust is a dynamic health focused NGO based in Tzaneen, Limpopo Province, South Africa. Established in 1997, CHoiCe Trust has grown into a reputable organisation, employing 20 full-time staff members.

The main focus of CHoiCe, with emphasis on rural communities, is on Community Home Based Care. The organisation has 2 main programs:

Training and Outreach.


As an accredited training organisation by the HWSETA, CHoiCe Trust offers highly skilled training to Community Based Health Workers as well as groups of people for specific courses. Farm workers, men’s groups, children’s counseling groups and the elderly have specific courses aimed at addressing their needs.

Training Courses which are facilitated:


  • Ancillary Health Care Worker training                 
  • TB
  • First Aid Courses
  • Home Care Skills
  • Antiretrovirals and Adherence
  • Wellness courses
  • Group Therapy
  • Circles of Support


In our Outreach Program, in order to reach more Community Based Organisations, CHoiCe Trust provides mentorship support to over 50 organisations in the Mopani District. This includes organisational development support, CBHW support, networking meetings, a resource centre and cyber café.




Our vision for the future is the empowerment of rural communities to take responsibility for their own well-being thus enhancing the quality of their lives.

Symbolising the heart and the passion with which

     they work.


Our Mission is to provide quality training, support, information and health services based on the needs identified by and for the people of vulnerable communities within the Limpopo Province.


CHoiCe endeavours to improve coordination of service delivery, facilitate networking activities to avoid duplication, and strengthen role-player relationships for better referral systems.


To Influence and impact local communities in all spheres of health, particularly those areas identified by the local communities and health departments.


To assist communities to access health and welfare services, to raise the level of health experienced by the individual and community by introducing and supporting a framework of care, support, education and initiate facilitation that is both sustainable and self determined.


Children, in particular, need to be active participants in their own care. 

They need not only the provision of basic needs, but also the opportunity to grow into adults who will contribute positively in their own communities.

In sympathy with all the HIV and AIDS

infected and affected people in South Africa.

CHoiCE Logo

The CHoiCe logo is very special. It depicts two people holding hands forming a heart, being supported by strong hands, surrounded by the words: caregiver. While CHoiCe would never underestimate the importance of men in our lives and the value that they have in our families and community,  we pay tribute to women.


In particular, the CHoiCe women: their energy, their strength in lifting family members and others around them, the healing power of hands, their passion – for the people we work with and for making a difference, and their kind and concerned hearts…

Symbolising God’s love.

History of the Organisation

CHoiCe was founded in 1997.  Currently 18 staff members and 250 Caregivers work within 110 identified communities.  CHoiCe has trained over 300 volunteer Home Base Care Caregivers who care for the sick and disabled including many orphaned and vulnerable children in their local villages.; Every month over 10 000 people have their lives touched by CHoiCe projects.


As an accredited Training Provider with the HWSETA, CHoiCe works in relationship with other Government Departments, NGOs, CBOs, private consortiums and corporate business to provide a multi-faceted and comprehensive approach to health care primarily for people of Limpopo Province.

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